Automating transcriptions of Icelandic speech to text

Service agreement with the office of Alþingi signed

7th of Oktober 2019

Tiro and the office of Althingi (Icelandic parliament) have signed a service agreement for speech recognition services that was developed by Reykjavik University, Language and Voice Lab (LVL).

First 60 minutes free of charge!


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Personalized solutions

Tiro also offers

  • Development ofselective automaters
  • Access to internal systems
  • Consultancy with speech automation


The company began its operations following a subsidy granted to its members from the Technology Development Fund for the purpose to develop a speech recognition for radiologic technologists.


Tiro's staff members hold years of experience within their field of development and research in speech recognition. Within the group are individuals with diverse experience in both research and business.


The name is retreived from the last name of Marcus Tullius Tiro, a slave and later a servant to Cicero. Tiro is said to have written down all of Cicero's speeches and published after Cicero's passing. Tiro is also said to have come up with the first shorthand technology to carry out his tasks.

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The basis for Tiro's activities is derived from research conducted in recent years within the University of Reykjavik Artificial Intelligence Center. The owners of the company are members of Language and Voice Lab (LVL).

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Future vision

Tiro is the first company to offer public access to speech recognition for Icelandic language where users turn Icelandic speech into text and can further work with it in a web interface. Tiro's aim is to be the forefront of both quality and range selection of speech recognition solutions for Icelandic language. Tiro emphasizes on enhancing the quality of its speech recognition by utilizing the latest technology available as well as by adopting methods that are presented in the research world at any given time.